Angela Melero Aug 6, 2014

These days, lashes are quite the talk of the town and a major player in this makeup movement (the MVP, if you will) is the trusty lash curler. With just a little squeeze of the handles, this little instrument has the power to create long, curled lashes. While the process of using an eyelash curler seems simple enough, many of us (Team MDC, included) are still making some minor mistakes that could potentially mean major trouble for our lash game. Here are three common eyelash curling crimes to avoid at all costs!


1. Curling After Applying Mascara. Although this seems like an obvious no-no, I think we can all admit that we indulged in a little post-mascara curling at some point. Heed our warning and avoid making this mistake ever again, if not for us, for your lovely lashes.  Curling the lashes after mascara application can cause damage and (horror of horrors) clumpage.

2. Opting for a Non-Metal Curler. There is a reason metal eyelash curlers are pricier than the rest of their curling counterparts. Metal lash curlers are safer and don’t break easily. For a metal curler that delivers precise and perfectly curled lashes, we recommend Shu Uemura’s Eyelash Curler.

3. Dirty Bumpers. That black residue on your curling bumpers does not magically disappear, girls. In fact, that gunk can build up, stick to your lashes and possibly pull them out completely. Avoid catastrophe and wipe up that curler after use. Your lashes are too lovely to be messed with!

Are you guilty of committing any of these curling crimes? Confess in the comments below (we won’t judge, promise!)

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