Jan 29, 2015

Do your eyes have a sexy slant? Downturned eyes are almond-shaped, with a downward tilt at the outer corners. This angle makes the upper eyelid appear much longer than the lower lid. Eyeliner plays a key role with this pretty eye shape because it can lift the look of the eyes and open them up. If you want bigger and brighter looking eyes, your eyeliner is your best friend!

Eyeliner for downturned eyes

Good Looks

Eyeliner techniques that place upward flecks at your outer corners (like wing-tips or cat eyes) give downturned eyes a more balanced, symmetrical look. When drawing your wing-tip, create a 45-degree angle just as you approach the outer corner, then carefully draw your upward curve. Use a gel or cream eyeliner for this look, and apply it with an angled eyeliner brush, like Urban Decay Perversion Angled Brush.

Liner Notes

You can downplay the downward slope of your eye shape further by lining your waterline with a white eyeliner (we love NYX Cosmetics Slim Eye Pencil in White), and blending it out liberally toward the outer corner. This blurs the space between the whites of your eyes and your skin, making the bottom lid appear as round as the top. Pencil eyeliner can also work well for downturned eyes, particularly if it’s blended out at the edges with a smudging brush.

What’s your favorite eyeliner look for downturned eyes? Tell us in the comments!

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