If you have oval-shaped eyes with slightly upturned outer corners, you’re an almond-eyed gal! This is a great eye shape to have because it’s very versatile. Almond eyes are symmetrical and well-proportioned, so many eyeliner techniques will look great on you. The key is to enhance your shape with depth and intensity.

almond eyes

Good Looks

Two of the most flattering eyeliner looks for almond eyes are the cat eye and the wing-tip. Both start with thin lines at the inner corner that get thicker as they move toward the outer corner, highlighting the eye’s pretty, upturned shape.

A smoky eye also looks amazing with almond eyes. Use a pencil eyeliner and smoke it out with a smudge brush like Lancôme Dual-End Liner & Smudger Brush.

Because oval-shaped eyes are naturally appealing, always follow your eyelid’s contours with your eyeliner. This enhances the overall look and makes your peepers really pop.

Liner Notes

Avoid applying dark eyeliner along your waterline, as this will make your eyes appear smaller. Use white eyeliner instead.

A gel or liquid eyeliner, like Urban Decay Ink For Eyes Waterproof Precision Eye Pen, is ideal for almond-shaped eyes because it can create both thick and thin lines that are neat and precise.


What’s your favorite eyeliner look for almond eyes? Tell us in the comments!

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