Upturned eyes are quite common, and are very similar to almond-shaped eyes. They are oval in shape, and have a natural upward lift at the outer edges. The lower lid is more prominent, appearing much longer than the top lid. When it comes to applying eyeliner, the key is to even out the eye’s upper and lower proportions so they look the same size.

upturned eyes

Good Looks

A smudged, smoked-out eyeliner look works really well with the upturned shape because it highlights and lengthens the top portion of the eye.

If your upturned eyes are close-set, try a winged liner look, which will make them appear larger and farther apart. A gel eyeliner, like L’Oréal Paris Infallible Lacquer Liner 24His good to use with upturned eyes because it's precise and stays put.

Liner Notes

To keep your eyes looking balanced and symmetrical, always make sure to mirror the bottom lash line with the same kind of line you use on top. Also be sure to keep your eyeliner line relatively thin, especially along the inner corners, so your eyes do not appear smaller.

If you want to make your eyes look bigger, apply white eyeliner to your bottom waterline, as well as to the inner corners of your eyes.

What’s your favorite eyeliner look for upturned eyes? Tell us in the comments!

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