If you’ve ever watched makeup artists work their magic, you know they have all little tricks that make everything they do look infinitely better. Such techniques might appear to come as second nature to the pros, but to us regular folk…it’s a different story, especially when it comes to eyeliner. To help us achieve the flawless eyeliner application of our dreams, we called up the experts and got them to spill their tricks of trade. eyeliner tips

1. Get super close to the lash line

This is one of the biggest eyeliner challenges. If you don’t get close enough to the lash line, you lose the intensity you were trying to create with eyeliner. Professional makeup artist Colleen Runne says, “Always make sure to get close to the lash line leaving no gaps. Just lift up the eyelid to get super close.” Runne also recommends using a wider, flat brush to get the eyeliner right where you want it.  

2. Make it glide on smoothly

To get a soft, clean liner look, Lancôme national makeup artist Ricardo Costales says to first apply a thin layer of eye shadow. This will help the eyeliner will glide on, allowing you create a soft line. “It also makes the eyeliner last longer without giving you a harsh look.”  

3. Don’t apply in a line

Creating the perfect line in one sweep is hard; Runne knows a better way. “A lot of women think they have to make one, single line with the eyeliner, rather, you can do a series of small strokes across the lash line. A connect-the-dots kind of thing.” You’ll make fewer mistakes and end up with a more even application.  

4. Change it, without starting over

You can switch things up and take your look from day to night with one simple addition. Costales says “To change an eyeliner look without redoing your makeup, apply a bold or brighter shadow on top of your brown or black liner, mixing it together to create an edgy more dramatic look.”   When it comes to eyeliner are you a smudged and smoky or clean and simple kind of girl? Tell us in the comments below.   Photos: Thinkstock

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