Hooded eyes are similar to monolids in that the main issue is a lack of lid space to apply eye makeup. With hooded eyes, the eyelids are covered up by the skin on the brow bone. Eyes often appear small as a result, and any makeup on the eyelid disappears when the eyes are open. Check out these tips that will help open the eyes, create depth and make them appear more round.

hooded eyes

Smudge It

A smudged line along the outer corners of the eye and the bottom lash line makes for a great evening look for hooded eyes. It’s like an inverted smoky eye!

Tightline It

Tightlining is also a terrific technique for adding definition to hooded eyes. Because the line is drawn right along the eyelash root, it’s highly visible without looking over-done. Try a liquid eyeliner like L’Oréal Paris Telescopic Precision Liquid Eyeliner, which works great for hooded eyes.

Check it

Open your eyes wide and look straight into the mirror after applying eyeliner. You want to make sure it is noticeable when your eyes are wide open.

Clean It

Always keep face wipes on hand when you’re applying eyeliner, as the lack of lid space causes makeup to easily smudge onto your brow bone. Try wipes like Garnier Clean+ Refreshing Remover Cleansing Towelettes.

What’s your favorite eyeliner look for hooded eyes? Tell us in the comments!

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