If your eyes are flat on the surface and have no crease (or a very, very small one), you have monolid eyes. Because there is essentially no eyelid to be seen, what you do with your eyeliner makes a big difference. It’s key to adding dimension and creating the illusion of depth.

monolid eyes


The tightlining technique works very well on monolid eyes. It highlights and draws attention to eyes without creating a heavily made-up look.

Focus on the Lower Lash

Defining the lower lash line can really help open up the eye. However, to maximize this effect, don’t draw your line all the way to your inner corner. Stop about two thirds of the way in.

Color It In

Add a bright line of color (we love Urban Decay Slide On Pencil in Sunrise Blue) right over your defining line. Since there’s next to no eyelid, this shade will really show.

Liner Notes

Here are a couple things to keep in mind when lining a monolid:

What’s your favorite eyeliner look for monolid eyes? 
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