Faith Xue Jan 24, 2014
There are some things from our childhood that we wish had withstood the test of time – paint by numbers kits being one of them. We’ll forever mourn the loss of these genius inventions that allowed even the least artistic child to create masterpieces of scenic sunsets, open fields, and horses…so many horses. We’re getting emotional just thinking about it. Sure, the end result never looked quite as amazing as the packaging promised and yes, most of the time we got fed up with straining our eyes to find those annoying numbers, but other than that, we yearned for the days when we could create something beautiful (okay, that might be kind of a stretch) from just a few colors and a drawn-out guide. With our nostalgia in mind, we decided to create our own beauty version of a paint by numbers kit using Lancôme’s Color Design Eye Brightening All-In-One 5 Shadow & Liner Palette in Taupe Craze. With this kit, makeup artist Jessica Scantlin created three totally different looks, starting with the basic, adding shimmer, and then going dramatic and smoky – so much better (and prettier) than our squiggly landscapes. Read on to find out how you can recreate each look… eyeshadow palette tutorial

Look #1: Basic

Scantlin used the peachy color at the top of the palette along Maria’s lashline, then applied the middle matte brown color in her crease and socket. Taking a thin eyeliner brush, she used the dark brown color at the bottom of the palette as liner to accentuate Maria’s eyes.  

Look #2: Shimmer

Now comes the fun part – shimmer. For this second look, Scantlin built on the basic eye look by using the two shimmery colors in the middle of the palette. To accentuate the shimmer, she first wet the shadows then applied the darker shimmer along the lash line. She then mixed the two shimmery shades together along the socket and center of the lid. Finally, she used the lighter shimmer on the right of the palette along the lower lash line, tracing it from the outer corner to the inner corner to brighten Maria’s eyes.  

Look #3: Smoky 

To add an alluring layer to the look, Scantlin smoked things out by pressing the dark brown eyeshadow into Maria’s crease and then blended it out with a round, fluffy eyeshadow brush. She finished by filling an eyeliner brush with the same shade and carefully traced it along the lash line for a perfect smoky eye.   What eyeshadow palette can you not live without? Tell us in the comments!   Photographer: Joshua M Shelton Makeup Artist: Jessica Scantlin for Contour Fossa Model: Maria Speranza


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