Angela Melero Dec 11, 2014

There are certain things in life that should always be predictable: mail, sunsets, fireworks on the Fourth of July, flowers and chocolate on Valentine’s Day (actually, chocolate on any occasion). Notice that makeup is not on that list? While we love a good classic beauty look that never fails to wow a crowd, we live for the looks that deliver a pleasant surprise. This holiday season, we want to challenge you to stray from traditional holiday makeup — the smoky eye, perfect curls, flawless cherry red lips, etc. — and embrace some looks that you may not have considered. ’Tis the season to channel your adventurous side!

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An Imperfect Matte Lip

The perfectly lined Jessica Rabbit lip is lovely and classic, but sometimes a girl needs to blur the lines a bit. Achieving this soft-focus pout is super easy. Simply swipe on your fave bold lipstick (sans liner) the way you usually would. Then, dip a cotton swab in translucent powder and gently brush it over your lips and along the edges. This will allow the lip color to blend naturally into the skin and give it a matte finish. Instead of a cherry red lip color, try a deep maroon or plum with this trick!

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Glossy Lids

Ditch the glitter for a night (just one night!) and take a different approach to eye shadow. Not only is this look super chic and gracing all the runways right now, but it’s also totally simple and wearable! Simply swipe on petroleum jelly like Vaseline over your fave shadow (a light layer!) and, voila, eye shadow perfection.

Alternative Liner

Move over, cat eye! There are some new liner looks that are ready to steal your holiday thunder! For starters, try taking your liner to the next level, the level right above your eye crease that is! Draw a curvature that mimics the winged liner along the lash line and connect the two so you have a dramatic, alternative cat eye that will have heads turning! You can also double up and line your lash line with two fun colors, one stacked on the other.

Low Pony

We love a good top knot, but there’s something so simply chic about a sleek, low pony. Simply brush back your hair and secure it at the nape of your neck with an elastic band. Add a classy touch by wrapping the pony!

Which of these looks will you be rocking first? Sound off in the comments below!

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