Jessica Hagy Oct 2, 2013
facial peels Scrubs, serums, moisturizers, masks—sometimes when presented with a smorgasbord of product options a girl can feel a little bit stumped. If you’ve ever heard the word “peel” and wondered what they are and why you might need one, we’ve got you covered. We caught up with Dermatologist Dr. Marta Rendon for her expert take on every peel question you might have—from what they do, to when to use them, and what to look for.

What Are Peels?

“A peel is a deeper method of a mask and is more exfoliating. Facial peels gently remove the top layer of skin, making the skin glow and appear more youthful. They can be very beneficial and can improve overall skin quality,” Rendon says.  

How Do They Work?

“Chemical peels remove different layers of the skin and the depth of penetration depends on the strength of the acid, and, how many layers are applied. Depending upon the peel, it is placed on the skin for 3 to 10 minutes. Over the next week, the skin will go through microexfoliation to reveal healthy new skin cells. Deeper peels can actually create a deeper wound and will take longer to heal. The deeper the peel, the longer the downtime however the greatest benefit,” Rendon explains.  

Who Should Use Them?

Peels are very beneficial for those who have aging skin, melasma, hyperpigmentation, and acne scars, but just about all skin types may benefit from a skin peel. Do not have a peel when you are on a retinoid or Accutane and do not combine a peel with another facial surgical procedure. Also, it is necessary to not sunbathe one week pre and post treatment. Always use sunscreen,” Rendon advises.  

How Should I Choose One?

To combat different skin concerns, Rendon recommends searching for different ingredients. “If you have oily skin look for a peel with salycylic acid; aging skin look for glycolic acid; and dry skin opt for a peel with mandelic acid,” Rendon recommends.   Do you have any more skincare questions for our experts? Leave them below and they could be answered in an upcoming article! Photo: Thinkstock


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