Lipstick — you love it, you wear it, you dream about it … we get it. But, little did you know that this twisty lippie has a long, loooong line of history behind it. While some facts are hilarious, others are downright shocking! So, enjoy your fave lipstick to the fullest because at one point, wearing it was practically reason enough for a divorce!

facts about lipstick

1. Although the term “lipstick” wasn’t first used until 1880, lipstick use dates back to Ancient Egypt. It’s said that Cleopatra made her red lipstick from crushed Carmine beetles and ants.

2. At one point in time, it was acceptable to apply lipstick in public during lunch, but never at dinner!

3. Ever watch a 1920s silent film and wonder why the actresses wore black lipstick? That’s because film stock was sensitive to color and red lipstick would register as black!

4. White lipstick (and matte!) was a trend in the 1960s for a true “mod” look.

5. Some shimmery lipsticks contained fish scales (also known as “pearl essence”) for shine.

6. It’s said that women who wear lipstick daily (even on sick days!) unintentionally eat about 4 pounds of lipstick in their lifetime. We're looking at you, lipstick lovers!

7. According to a study called the “Lipstick Effect” women increase their desire to buy lipstick during economic recessions because of the decreasing number in quality mates.

8. Lipstick sales also tend to go up on gloomy or rainy days! But can you blame us?

9. In the 1700s, a man could have his marriage annulled if his wife had used lip rouge during their courtship. Oh, the horror!

10. Over 80 percent of American women wear lipstick — that’s more than the French!

Which one of these lipstick facts were you surprised by? Let us know in the comments below!   

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