Jan 15, 2015

Is your stark-white complexion making you feel like it should be Halloween instead of the dead of winter? There's no need to haunt yourself any longer! Here are some easy tips to fake a tan during the colder months.

fake tan


Before you apply any bronzing/tanning product on your skin, make it a point to exfoliate well so you can prep your skin for streak-free application. La Roche-Posay Physiological Ultra-Fine Scrub is a good choice; in addition to scrubbing, it contains soothing thermal waters.

Choose a Good Tanner

A good tanning formulation is light, silky and non-greasy. Grease-free application is especially important for your face, so take the time to test the product on your inner arm before you apply it. Lancôme Paris Flash Bronzer offers a streak-free face tanning formula that won’t clog the skin; plus, it goes on evenly.


Ideally, moisturize before you apply the tan to show off healthier, more radiant skin, especially if you're planning to bronze up right after the shower. Dry, patchy skin is not a good base for layering. In addition to your own moisturizer, look for a tanner with a hydrating component.

What are your fake tan tips? Tell us in the comments!

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