Karie Frost Mar 19, 2012
There probably hasn’t been a day when you thought to yourself, “I wish I looked more tired.” Wide-open eyes project to the world, “I’m here; I’m present; I’m ready to go!” But the reality is: We often miss out on much-needed beauty sleep, and our bleary eyes are a dead giveaway. We asked Miami-based makeup pro Marissa Nemes to teach us how to properly fake a wide-awake look using one of the oldest tricks in the beauty book: highlighting the inner corners of our eyes. Choose your color: Opt for a pink highlighter, like NARS The Multiple in Luxor. “Pink universally flatters all skin tones,” Nemes says. “It immediately brightens and re-balances yellow and pink undertones.” Steer clear of chalky silver highlighters; these can appear pasty and blue. “These actually do the exact opposite of what you want, making your face—especially the tear duct area—appear more drawn and tired-looking,” she says. Pick your medium: While many eye-brightening formulas come as easy-to-apply click pens, be wary of liquids and creams with a heavy consistency when highlighting the tear duct area. Nemes suggests sticking to powder or cream-to-powder textures; picking liquids that dry to a powder finish (she likes Clé de Peau Beauté Brilliant Enhancer); or trying a handy highlighting pencil, like Anastasia Beverly Hills Shimmer Highlighter in Petal.


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