Simcha Whitehill Nov 6, 2012

I’m Simcha Whitehill, but I’m better known as Miss Pop, a New York City-based nail artist. Every other week I’ll be breaking down the technique behind a must-have manicure. Some looks will be chic and easy and some may require a practiced hand (or a little patience!). Either way, it's all about having fun. I do nail art for one reason. Love. 

The leaves have turned, the air is chilly and fall is in full effect. Now is the perfect time to put the gorgeous fiery hues of the season on your nails with a simple ombré manicure. There are no painting skills necessary; you only need a makeup sponge and a desire to glow. Here’s how you can heat up your fingertips with a shimmery gradient look. Difficulty level: 2 out of 10 What you need: How to do it: Step 1: Brush on the base coat to protect your nails and make the manicure last. Step 2: Add two coats of the yellow-gold nail polish. I started with a new metallic for fall 2012, Orly’s Flare. Let the polish dry. Step 3: Paint one corner of the wide square end of the makeup sponge with the orange metallic nail polish. Then, starting at the tip of each nail, dab the makeup sponge onto the nail, reaching about two-thirds down the length of it. Don’t worry if you get polish on the sides; sponged-on polish is so thin that it’s easy to take off with nail polish remover and a cotton swab. Tip: Less is more when creating an ombré. To check the amount of polish before you apply it to the nail, see if it has absorbed into the sponge. Step 4: Using another corner of the sponge, paint on the red metallic nail polish. Then, starting at each nail edge, tap the makeup sponge onto the nail, hitting up to one-third of the nail to give it a soft scarlet tip. Step 5: To add texture and a subtle sparkly surprise, apply gold thread. Cut the thread into small pieces of varying lengths. Paint one nail at a time with the top coat (preferably nail art sealer or bonder). Then randomly place three to five thread bits per nail using a pair of needle-nose tweezers. Step 6: Seal your look with another layer of the top coat. Now you’ve got shimmering nails that will make you want to go apple-picking just to show them off.




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