Jessica Hagy Oct 18, 2013
fall perfumes In between pinning inspiration, beauty blog browsing and online shopping we have one dirty little digital secret: we are obsessed with quizzes. What is it about those quips and questions that make our insides feel all sparkly and full of hope? Your guess is as good as ours, but they’re definitely addicting. In hopes of spreading this singular joy, we created our own quick quiz to help you find pick your perfect fall fragrance. As the weather chills and fall fashions creep out of the closet, we always feel inspired to spritz on something new for the season, so we chose 5 of our favorite perfumes, and created a series of questions to guide you to your scent soul mate. Happy quizzing!

1. Your ideal fall outfit includes:

A) A silk shift, angora sweater and booties B) Jeans, boots and a down vest C) Leather leggings, a t-shirt and piles of jewelry D) A flirty black dress, leather jacket and pumps E) A bold, printed vintage maxi dress and platforms  

2. Your evening beverage of choice is:

A) White wine B) A gin and tonic C) Whiskey D) A martini E) A margarita  

3. Your favorite flower is the:

A) Peony B) Tulip C) Orchid D) Rose E) Sunflower  

4. You are most likely to Instagram a picture of:

A) Your new manicure B) Your running shoes C) Your new tattoo D) A metropolitan skyline E) An exotic beach  

5. Your dream man is…

A) Gentlemanly and thoughtful B) Adventurous and active C) Mysterious and sexy D) Masculine and confident E) Creative and open-minded  

6. On a typical Friday night you can be found

A) Giving yourself a pedicure while watching TLC re-runs B) Playing pool with your best friends C) Watching your new favorite band play live D) Sipping wine on a city balcony E) Experiencing a new-to-you, exotic cuisine  

7. The makeup product you can’t-live-without is:

A) Lip gloss B) Concealer C) Eyeliner D) Mascara E) Bronzer  

8. You collect:

A) Shoes B) Cable knit sweaters C) Vinyl’s D) Ex-boyfriends E) Frequent flyer miles  

9. You would describe your makeup look as

A) Feminine and delicate B) Fresh and minimalist C) Dark and grunge-tinged D) Classic and sultry E) Ever-changing and adventurous  

10. The decade you identify with most is the

A) 1950’s B) 1990’s C) 1980’s D) 1960’s E) 1970’s  


Mostly A’s: D&G 3 L’IMPERATICE

Feminine, delicate and sweet—they’re three words to describe you, and D&G’s 3 L’Imperatice perfume. With notes of grapefruit, rhubard and musk, this soft, sophisticated scent is perfect for cozy nights in or spirited shopping sprees. MDC Posts You Might Like: Halloween Tutorial: 1950’s Beauty; Manicure Monday: Black Tie French Manicure  

Mostly B’s: Ralph Lauren Big Pony 1

Adventurous and athletic, with a penchant for the classics, your scent soul mate is waiting for you in this fresh scent. Its clean, sporty allure is perfect for autumn days spent sailing, hiking, exploring, and even—though you rarely slow down—relaxing. MDC Posts You Might Like: 5 Ways to Shorten Your Morning Makeup Routine; The Busy Girl’s Guide to Better Skin  

Mostly C’s: Diesel Loverdose Tattoo

You know that black is the new black, mystery is ultimate, and it’s never a bad thing to break the rules. Diesel’s sexy, enigmatic scent is the perfect companion for nights in the bar, or on the back of that bike. MDC Posts You Might Like: Fall Trend Tutorial: Going Goth; The Do’s and Don’ts of Dark Lipstick   

Mostly D’s: Lancôme Tresor Eau de Parfum Lumineuse

Like an old Hollywood actress, your femininity, sophistication and class place you in a category all your own. Luckily for you it won’t be too lonely at the top—Lancôme’s latest take on its Tresor scent has the personality to keep up with your spirited affairs. Spritz this confident and womanly scent on to up the evening’s romance, or turn the mundane into the sultry. MDC Posts You Might Like: Tuesday Tutorial: How To Apply a Cat Eye for Your Eye Shape; 1-Minute Makeover: How To Highlight Your Neckline  

Mostly E’s: Roger & Gallet Gingembre

Spicy, bold and complex, you’re a free spirit with a penchant for the exotic. Find your souls scent in this new perfume from Roger & Gallet. With sensual and stimulating notes of ginger, flowers and musky woods, it’s the perfect travel companion or everyday reminder of your wanderlust. MDC Posts You Might Like: Tuesday Tutorial: Gradient Winged Eyeliner; Jet-Set Beauty: Airplane Friendly Products that Won’t Weigh You Down   So, we have to know, what perfume personality did you get? Photo: Thinkstock


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