Stumped on how to make your mane work for that upcoming special event? How about a fancy fishtail? Here are five ways to make a fishtail braid look phenomenal for any formal occasion. Pair this braid with snazzy makeup for a night out, and you'll be the belle of whatever ball you attend. If you're fuzzy on the proper fishtail technique, check out this tutorial.

fancy fishtails

The Period Piece Side Braid

Make sure your hair is clean and dry. Add a volumizing product like the Kérastase Mousse Substantive, as this fishtail is full and thick (think luxe, romantic locks). Take your hair to one side, adding a little bit of texturizing spray, like L'Oréal Professionnel Perfect Texture Texturizing Spray. To create this mood-setting look, braid loosely. When finished and tied off, go back and pull at the braid to create even more volume and texture.

The Fishtail Crown

This one is great for various lengths of hair. Take your texturizing spray and lightly mist your locks. Then create two fishtail braids on either side of your head — either right at your forehead or more towards your ear/headband line. Tie the fishtail braids off and wrap them right under the crown of your head using pins to match your hair shade.

The Fishtail Headband

Simply fishtail braid the hair near your hairline from ear to ear, tie off and pin back the tail. And remember, messy is cute! You can even add a flower or decorative hair piece above your ear for an accent.

The Asymmetrical Fishtail Bun

Start by applying the volumizing mousse, and braid a fishtail using a very thin strand from one side of the hairline, going asymmetrically down in a curve. So if you start on the right side of your face, your braid will end on the left side of your neck. When your braid is tied off, wrap the braid in a circular motion to create a bun and pin into place. Use hairspray to set the look.

Upside-Down Fishtail Bun

Add texturizing spray and have a friend help you fishtail braid from the nape of your neck toward your forehead. When you near the top of your head, tie off and wrap the rest of your hair in a bun. Pin in place.

What is your favorite fishtail braid look? Tell us in the comments!

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