jmorris Nov 7, 2011
In beauty, the grass always seems a bit greener on the other side. Women with straight hair wish for curly cues and those with a head full of spirals want just the opposite. What’s a girl with fine, flat hair to do? Wish for a thicker mane? Maybe. Or she can embrace her locks and follow these simple tricks from Celebrity Stylist, Tippi Shorter, on how to fake the fluff. Start in the shower “I believe in building your foundation in the shower,” Shorter states. Thickening and volumizing shampoos and conditioners boost fine hair by expanding the diameter of each strand. Bottom line: While some work better than others, if it's vavava volume you're after, it’s important to make sure you’re not using a shampoo or conditioner that will weigh your hair down. Our picks: Nioxin Cleanser for Fine Hair and Redken Body Full Shampoo and Conditioner. Get a mousse boost A little spritz of root volumizer and a dollop of mousse goes a long way. After towel drying your hair, spray a root lifter like Living Proof Full Root Lifting Spray right onto your roots and massage the formula into your scalp with your fingers. Then, Shorter suggests applying “a golf ball sized amount” of a lightweight mousse like L'Oreal Paris Studio Body Builder Mousse to the left and right side of your head from roots to ends. Make gravity your BFF Flip your head upside down and rough dry your hair (quickly move the blowdryer back and forth throughout your strands) to allow for any excess moisture to escape. “You want gravity to help start the fullness,” explains Shorter. Finish by flipping your head right-side-up and using a large round brush to smooth ends and add maximum fullness. Stick with velcro rollers Once dry, add a few Velcro rollers to the top section of your hair in one-inch sections for an added boost (four or five should do the trick). Leave them in while you do your makeup.  Take them out just before you’re ready to walk out the door, and give your strands a quick shake.


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