Fall is the best season for texture–distressed leather, chunky knits, brushed suede–and we’re not just talking about the contents of our closet. Given the season’s vast array of options, it’s only fair nails get to partake in the latest trends too. We thought it was love at first sight with our leather and lace nails, but now this feathered manicure has our hearts all a flutter. feather manicure



  1. Polish your base. Apply base coat and two coats of nail polish. The kit comes with Ciaté Chinchilla Nail Polish, but use whatever color strikes your fancy.
  2. Apply top coat. Apply a generous layer of Ciaté Speed Coat Pro to one nail.
  3. Add the feather. While the top coat is still wet, lay a feather onto the nail, leaving space between the cuticle and the feather for the base color to show through. Gently press the feather flat into the nail. Move on to the next nail.
  4. Trim the excess. Once dry, use the mini nail scissors to carefully cut off the excess feather. You don’t have to trim every last inch, you’ll file away the rest later.
  5. Seal the feather. Following the grain of the feather, apply one last layer of top coat, brushing down from tip to cuticle. Allow to dry.
  6. File and finish. Use the block file to file off the excess feather for a smooth edge. Be sure to file using vertical motions, not side to side.
  How do you feel about feathered nails? Tell us if you’d try adding some texture to your tips with a comment below.


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