Simcha Whitehill Nov 20, 2012

I’m Simcha Whitehill, but I’m better known as Miss Pop, a New York City-based nail artist. Every other week I’ll be breaking down the technique behind a must-have manicure. Some looks will be chic and easy and some may require a practiced hand (or a little patience!). Either way, it's all about having fun. I do nail art for one reason. Love. 

My favorite part of the upcoming holidays is getting to put on a party dress! But you don’t need to rely solely on a frock to add some sparkle to a look. The metallic detailing on this nail art design will show off your handiwork and shine at seasonal gatherings. To keep the manicure simple, you can paint the dotted double half moon on every fingertip. Or you can paint all ten tips with the festive filigree. If you really want to up the ante, switch out the gray polish for a midnight blue, hunter green or red hue.

DIFFICULTY LEVEL: 7 out of 10 WHAT YOU NEED: HOW TO DO IT: The dotted double half moon: Step 1: Apply the base coat. Step 2: Add two coats of the shade of your choice. I went with a steel gray nail polish so the silver shimmer would be understated. Allow the coats to completely dry before moving onto the next step. Step 3: Using your silver nail art striper, draw a small half circle in the middle of the base of four nails on each hand. Then paint a larger half circle around each one, leaving about a centimeter of space between the lines. Step 4: Dip a small dotter or toothpick into the silver polish. Place a dot right in the center of each of the smaller half circles. Then continue to dot between the two lines on each nail bearing the half moon. The filigree: Step 5: Working on the remaining undesigned nail on each hand, follow steps 3 and 4 to create the dotted double half moon. Now, however, focus the center of the circle to one corner of the nail. Step 6: Across the free edge, make small half circles, leaving a space between each one. Step 7: Create a second row of half circles, alternating the placement with the row above it. Start your circles by brushing off the sides of the circles above. The design should begin to look like scales. Step 8: Fill in the rest of the nail with the same scale pattern. Step 9: Using the small dotter, dot the center of each circle. Step 10: Allow your detail work to dry, and then seal your fabulous filigree with the top coat.




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