Deven Hopp Jan 30, 2014
filling in your eyebrows Thick, thin, strong, soft, dark, light—we know (and love) that brows come in all different shapes and sizes. Arches can be high, slightly rounded or nearly straight across; and we say embrace what you’ve got. But don’t forget even the Cara Delevingne’s of the world require a little work to get their brows looking picture perfect. Of course, eyebrow shaping is not a one-size-fits-all situation; but whether you’re a blondie, a brunette or a redheaded beauty, these arch-sculpting do’s and don’ts will guide you on your path to impeccably groomed brows.

DO find the right color for your eyebrows.

Pay attention to the undertones of the brow makeup you try—not just how dark or light a color is—and consult our guide for the complete shade breakdown.  

DON’T strive for solid color throughout.

Filling in your eyebrows doesn’t mean your brows need to be uniform in color end to end. Focus on filling in the sparse areas instead.  

DO concentrate on the arch.

The arch is where you want the most definition, so it’s okay to build up the intensity at the highest point in your brow.  

DON’T be afraid to use two shades.

Everyone’s hair is multi-tonal—using more than one color on the brows can actually look more natural.  

DO use a spoolie brush to start and finish.

To begin, brush out and away, guiding your brows into place. Then finish with a few strokes of the spoolie brush to blur any harsh markings.  

DON’T forget brow gel.

Brow gel sets your eyebrows in place, ensuring they’ll remain just as defined at dinnertime as they look at the start of the day. Brow wax is another option.  

DO play up their shape.

Apply a thin line of concealer along the bottom edge of the eyebrow and add highlighter above the arch to accentuate your bold, beautiful brows.   Who is your eyebrow icon? Tell us who gets your vote for best brows below!   Photos: Thinkstock


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