Tired of your top-knot? Celebrity stylist Paul Cucinello shares five super-simple (we promise!) styles that only look like you had time for the salon. Your secret is safe with us! Loose Chignon Try to tame your Type-A personality when doing this 'do—"The less perfect, the better," says Cucinello, creative director at the Chris Chase Salon in Manhattan. Wrap two or three small sections of hair from your hairline around a one-inch curling iron. Next, curl a few random pieces in the back of your hair, then mist strands all over with a dry shampoo. Gently run a comb through your hair to give it a soft, matte texture, and then pull it all back into a low ponytail secured with a clear elastic at the nape of your neck. Wrap the pony around its base in a loose bun and keep strands loosely in place with bobby pins. Equestrian Bouffant This ultra-chic pony is ideal for a holiday weekend at the beach (hello, Fourth of July!) because "salt-water hair gives it the perfect texture," Cucinello says. Slick day-old beach hair back into a tight, high ponytail, securing it with an elastic at the crown of your head. Tease just the underside of the pony with a fine-tooth comb to create volume, then pin the ends of the tail at the middle of the back of your head. "Glamorous and retro in no time," Cucinello says. Charlie's Angel Bun "What's great about this look is that when you take your hair down, it's a full-on wavy style," Cucinello says. A two-in-one style? Sign us up! Apply a quarter-size dollop of moisturizing cream to dry hair, and then create a center part. Comb hair flat at the crown and on either side of the part for a 70's silhouette. Gather strands into a low ponytail with an elastic, then wrap the tail around into a chignon. Figure Eights Pony "This modern style looks more elaborate than it really is," Cucinello says. Create two ponytails on top of one another about one inch apart at the back of your head. Take the end of the top ponytail, twist, and wrap it in a figure eight shape around the base of the bottom ponytail. Secure with bobby pins, then repeat with the bottom ponytail. Day at the Beach Twist Feminine and flirty, this simple series of flat twists can be made more playful with brightly-colored bobby pins, Cucinello says. Spray day-old hair generously with dry shampoo, and then backcomb the underside all over to create volume. Twist a large section from the hairline to the crown, securing it with pins so that it lies flat. Next comb hair back from either side of your head, and twist the two sections together just below the crown, securing with pins so that the twist lies flat below the first twist. Gather all loose strands and create a bun secured in the back with bobby pins, then spritz with hair spray to keep everything in place.


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