Angela Melero Jun 5, 2015

We all fall asleep with good intentions. We dream of waking up to perfect (but not too perfect) second-day hair. Nothing shatters those hair dreams like the dreaded cowlick. Yup, you know to what we’re referring. That pesky piece of hair that turns into a rebel overnight and refuses to conform to the rest of your well-behaved hair. Don’t whip out that hat or headwrap just yet! We’ve got the perfect solution to your cowlick conundrum!

Step 1: Take a spray bottle of water and moisten the cowlick area.

Step 2: Spray the cowlick with root-lifting spray (we love Redken Thickening Lotion 06 All Over Body Builder) and work it in well with your fingers.

Step 3: Using a flat paddle brush, blow dry the cowlick to the right, then to the left and finally downward, laying flat.

 Step 4: Run a flat iron quickly over the cowlick area to set the hair.

Now that your cowlicks are under control, it's time to move on to other hair tips and tutorials!

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