Kait Mosh Apr 15, 2015

Here at MDC, we're always on the lookout for top-of-the-line beauty gurus to share advice on hair, makeup and nails. Today, we are thrilled to have nail expert Kait Mosh show us how to get a purrr-fect spring mani! Take it away Kait!

An of-the-moment look is definitely the nude mani. Many of my celebrity clients consistently rock the nude mani, because it’s super classy and goes with every outfit. Recently, I was inspired by the nail look for Pink Tartan's latest runway show, created by lead nail artist for essie Canada, Rita Remark. This tutorial shows you an upgraded (and cat-like) version of the nude mani! I hope you like it!

feline mani


Step 1: Start with clean, manicured hands. Wipe nail beds thoroughly with alcohol or acetone to clear off any oil or dirt.

Step 2: Paint on a layer of base coat.

Step 3:  Paint two thin coats of the nude polish of your choice. Allow three to five minutes to dry.

Step 4:  Using your nail art polish, paint on cat ears on the tip of a few nails (it doesn’t matter which ones). To do this, simply draw a half moon and two triangular cat ears on opposite sides of the line (see picture).  Allow three to five minutes to dry.

Step 5: Apply top coat, and a little cuticle oil and you’re good to go!

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Photo: Erin Laine



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