Slowly, but surely, temperatures are beginning to warm up, which means we only have one thing on the mind … our beach bods. While we understand the desire to look and feel great in a swimsuit, we think there’s another body part you should be concerned with: your skin. The hotter months could bring with them a wave of skin concerns so it’s important to have a solid plan of attack. And while a targeted skincare regimen is crucial, so is a targeted diet. Don’t worry, we’re not telling you to start crash dieting and depriving yourself of life’s little joys (cupcakes and ice cream!). We would just like to encourage you to work a few skin-saving springtime fruits and veggies into the mix to help keep your skin looking flawless and lovely! Check out the 6 foods you need to munch on NOW.

Foods That Are Good For Your Skin


If “spring season” equates to “allergy season” for you, you’re probably not getting warm and fuzzy feelings about the upcoming months. Don’t let allergy flare-ups, in the form of dry skin and redness, get you down. Fight back with a delicious little treat that is jam-packed with healing vitamin E. This vitamin does a body REAL good as it helps protect the skin from free-radical damage and regenerate skin cells. Pass the guacamole, por favor!


With warmer weather comes warmer bodies and, unfortunately, sweat. Sweat can cause clogged-pores and acne. While this little ruby-red fruit can’t halt sweating, it can help prevent excess oil production, so you can say goodbye to those not-so-pretty pimples!


All that sunshine is great, but it’s not so great for your complexion. In fact, it can cause premature aging in the form of fine lines, wrinkles and age spots. Don’t go down without a fight! Employ the delicious benefits of zucchini, which is packed with vitamins A and C. These crucial nutrients are powerful antioxidants that can aid in maintaining healthy, youthful skin.


Not big on strawberries? Pick up a grapefruit! This citrusy treat has both astringent and exfoliating properties that can help shed your skin of dead skin cells that are clogging up those pores and causing breakouts.


Spring is all about dewy, glowing skin. While highlighter is an obvious must-have, you also want to have a natural glow going, right? Carrots are great for promoting a radiant complexion, as they are loaded with antioxidants and high levels of vitamin A. So, listening to your mother and eating your carrots would be a good idea right about now.

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If all that barbecuing and springtime partying has your peepers looking a little worse for the wear, be sure to load up on your greens — spinach in particular. This leafy green veggie has high quantities of vitamin K, a nutrient that is needed to prevent blood clotting and strengthen blood vessel walls to help diminish dark circles and bags. 

Photo: Natalie Faye 

Model: Lauryn Ford


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