Whether you’re new to the world of beauty or you’ve been experimenting with makeup for decades, when it comes to foundation and contouring, there’s always something new to learn. Fans of Makeup.com asked their most pressing questions about foundation and contouring during our recent Facebook Live stream, and our editors were all ears! From answering questions about how to apply foundation to addressing concerns regarding the dreaded “cakey” makeup look, here are the top questions asked by fans just like you. 

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ANSWER: If you have an oily complexion, look for lightweight formulas that absorb excess oils and combat shine. Foundations with mattifying and oil-absorbing (or dissolving) mineral pigments can provide all-day shine control. Check out our fave foundation picks for oily skin here

ANSWER: If there's one step in your makeup routine you really want to get right, it's your foundation application. And cakey or flaky coverage just won't do! To ensure your foundation is on-point every single time, follow these 10 rules of foundation application

ANSWER: Oh, the never-ending beauty conundrum of layering! Unless you're using a color-correcting concealer, foundation goes first. Want to know why? A makeup artists explains why here.

ANSWER: Contouring on its own is tricky enough without also having to worry about the right contouring technique for your particular face shape! That's right, the correct application of contouring makeup is dependent on whether your face shape is round, square, heart or oval. 

To get you started, professional makeup artist Ashley Rebecca offers a step-by-step contouring guide for every face shape here. Check it out!

ANSWER: As with foundation, some highlighter shades complement your skin tone better than others. Whether your skin is fair, medium, olive or dark, you can find the right highlighter for your skin tone in this guide.

ANSWER: Don't be scared; we've got you covered! There are many ways to go about contouring, and none of them are wrong. From using a full contouring palette, to different foundation or concealer shades, and even duo sticks, contouring is becoming more and more foolproof. To help you achieve the cheekbones of your dreams, we rounded up our very best contouring tips and tricks below: 


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