Let’s face it. Not all of us are Picasso’s with the eyeliner. Some of us with less-than-steady hands can’t seem to grasp the concept of lining our water line with a sparkly hue or creating the perfect cat eye. So the question becomes, is it possible to achieve an eye-catching look without eyeliner? The answer is yes. Here is a recap of our four-part series devoted to non-eyeliner looks that will brighten up your mug and are rockable for any day and any occasion.

no liner

Gleamin' Eyes

 Who doesn’t love a little glow? This super easy look will have your eyes shining like diamonds. Top it off with a bright lip, and you’ll be turning heads everywhere you go!

Pastel Shadow

 Go for a soft, feminine look with the help of a little pink eyeshadow.  Make sure to play up your blush and lips for a dreamy, doll-like look!

Purple Mascara

 You may never go back to liner again after you try this look. Purple, plush lashes combined with subtle shadow give your eyes just the pop they need to stand out int he crowd. If you’re not a fan of purple, try pink or teal and expand those mascara horizons.

Smoky Eye

 A smoky eye that doesn’t require eyeliner may seem  ludicrous and unheard of, but trust us on this one. All you you need is a highly pigmented black shadow and you will have the smoldering eyeshadow of your dreams.

Which of these non-eyeliner looks will you try first? Sound off in the comments below!



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