Believe it or not, Christmas is exactly two weeks away, and depending on the type of person you are, your holiday gifts are either beautifully wrapped and sitting elegantly underneath your tree, or they’re nonexistent. We happen to fall in the latter, which is why we’re super excited to announce that a French Wink pop-up store is happening in SoHo this week—so if you’re a bit of a procrastinator and a NYC dweller, we encourage you to make your way downtown ASAP.

The week-long pop-up is aptly named Rendez-Vous, and it’s an exclusively French holiday shopping experience. If you’re guilty of doing serious research to discover the right way to apply foundation like a French girl or applying your makeup to the ultimate French girl music playlist, then we can assure you that this is the spot for you. The beauty department will feature “slow beauty” must-haves like solid cosmetics, eco-conscious items and allergenic substance-free products. Plus, we have a good feeling that they’ll be really Instagrammable and thus, giftable.

In addition to beauty, the pop-up will also feature fashion and jewelry finds, gourmet food and other irresistible French items. Stop by between December 11 and 17, and be sure to check out the French Wink calendar of events, which features French beauty workshops you won’t want to miss.

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