Karina Giglio May 11, 2012
Even perennially gorgeous brunettes like Olivia Wilde can get a case of blonde ambition. And who could blame them? Blondes may not always have more fun, but a recent study shows that women who went blonde had an instant boost in confidence, and were more likely to ask for a raise or challenge their boss. Are you ready to lighten your locks? Read these tips from Manuel Solorzano, D.C. color master and owner of the Manuel Salon, first. #1 Focus on your skin tone Choosing the right shade of blonde is dependent on your coloring. Warm skin tones with yellow or green undertones look best with light gold or caramel shades. Cool skin tones with blue or pink undertones look best as ash blondes or a darker wheat tone. When in doubt, schedule a consultation with a pro—you may be surprised by what looks best on you. #2 If you’re doing it yourself, go slow “Don’t go more than two shades lighter than your natural hair color to start,” says Solorzano. That way, you’ll avoid seriously damaging your hair. Use a permanent hair color like L’Oreal Superior Preference, and wait at least four weeks before going lighter again. #3 Consider the condition of your hair If you’re a dye virgin (with no chemical processing or color), you’re the best dark-haired candidate to go blonde. The process of stripping your current color can be too traumatic for hair that’s already over-processed; consult a colorist if you're worried about damage. “The more brittle and overworked your hair is, the more important it is that you see a professional for your color, or you could end up with permanent damage and breakage,” warns Solorzano. #4 Beware of brassiness Now that you’re blonde, you’ll face a problem you’ve likely never experienced before: that dull, rusty tint that spells disaster for your golden halo. This can be caused by something as simple as water and sun exposure, or the minerals in your shower. Since UV rays can oxidize color, throw on a hat before you head to the beach or pool. And use a clarifying shampoo like Redken Hair Cleansing Cream Shampoo once a week to remove deposits from hard water and chlorine. What you turn your brunette locks blonde? What do you think of Wilde's transformation?


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