Mar 3, 2011
In the beauty and fashion worlds, having your work appear on the cover of Vogue is the equivalent of being handed the key to the city—it ushers you into the most exclusive echelons in the industry. And in the real world, it can unlock some notoriously restricted doors as well. While chatting recently with makeup maestro Linda Cantello about the look she did at this week's Giorgio Armani show, she revealed that it was her work with Lady Gaga for the March cover of the magazine that helped her secure one of the most important necessities a top makeup artist can have: Her work visa. During the interview for her visa renewal, she was asked what exactly makes her work so special. So Linda pulled out the issue from her bag, pointed to the cover, and explained that she was the person who did Lady G's makeup for the photo. "And you know what? The interviewer instantly understood what that meant and didn't ask me any further questions," she said. Behold, the power of makeup. PHOTO FROM VOGUE


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