mbender Jul 20, 2012
We may not be able to ask your boss for time off or book that sandy vacation for you, but we can satisfy that craving for hair that looks tousled by the ocean air. Getting beachy waves is simple with a favorite flat iron and these tips from hairstylist Sheenon Olson. Step 1: Choose a good flat iron. Olson’s favorite is by Enzo Milano because the heated plates maintain a consistent temperature. Step 2: Starting on one side of your head in the front, separate out a small, thin section that is about 3-inches wide. Step 3: Spray the section with a light workable hair spray. Olson recommends L’Oréal Paris Elnet Satin Hairspray. Step 4: Wrap the section of hair around the top of the iron from root to tip. Work in a spiral pattern, without overlapping the hair. Step 5: Twist the iron in a circular motion, sliding the iron down toward the ends of your hair. Then release it. Note: If your hair curls really easily, stretch the curl straight for 5 to 10 seconds after you take it off the iron while it cools. If your hair does not curl easily, leave the hair as undisturbed as possible. Step 6: Repeat this step around your entire head. Step 7: Once you are finished, spritz your entire head with hairspray again. Step 8: Lightly break apart your curls so that the hair relaxes into a loose wave. What are your go-to tips for getting beachy waves?

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