Sep 5, 2013
fall beauty Labor Day may have come and gone, but it still pretty much feels like summer out there. Combined with all the great Spring 2014 looks are coming down the runway, it’s easy to forget that we should start preparing for fall. Leaving summer behind can be hard, but don’t let the upcoming cooler weather get you down—here are 7 great reasons to get excited instead.
  1. Because essie’s fall collection is just too gorgeous. –
  2. 3 words that make fall exciting: back-to-school. Here are all the beauty essentials to pack in your makeup bag. –BeautyBloggingJunkie
  3. If it’s more like back-to-work instead of back-to-school for you, mix it up with these 3 new creative eye looks. –xoVain
  4. Because it’s the season to be a little sultry. We love these 8 sexy colors that add adventure to our look. –Allure
  5. Because we’re totally on board with this season’s hair trends. –BeautyHigh
  6. If you’re taking your fall beauty inspiration from the runways, here are 7 fashionable looks you can officially start wearing. –Byrdie
  7. And let’s be honest here, a new season is a totally valid reason to buy new makeup. Here are the splurge and steal versions of all the products you have to have. –DailyMakeover
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