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Under eye circles are our least favorite area to cover up, especially because on some days they seem to be super puffy, and on others they sport a hue of blue that make applying our regular concealer nearly impossible. This is where a color-correcting under-eye regimen comes in handy — and one of our faves to use lately has been the L’Oréal Age Perfect Rosy Tone Eye Brightener

This pinky-peach-rose eye cream is a lifesaver for camouflaging cool or green-toned veins, with its warm color-correcting pigment and blurring technology. It’s consistency is whipped, soft and super buoyant, making it ideal for applying under tired, dull eyes for a more awake finish, and a perfect prep for your concealer. 

Start by applying the rosy cream under each eye after moisturizing, tapping it on in small circular motions, covering the entire area. Next, after applying your foundation or CC cream, tap on a regular concealer like the NYX Professional Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Concealer in the same motion you used for the cream under the eyes. The combo will not only smooth out your under eye areas, but it will also completely conceal dark circles like a literal magic wand.

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