npearl Sep 5, 2011
Follow these steps to the glowiest glow... Pick your self tanner There are enough formulas to fill the periodic table of elements so choose yours wisely. A safe bet for beginners? A tinted self tanner (whether you opt for a gel, lotion, spray, or mousse formula depends on your preference). This takes the guesswork out of the process because it allows you to see exactly where you’re applying the product so you don’t miss a spot or end up with streaks. Don't apply bronzers intended for your body onto your face, as they can contain richer ingredients that could cause breakouts on sensitive skin types. Exfoliate Before applying your faux glow, unveil your freshest skin by sloughing dead cells with a body scrub and shaving your legs. Pay extra attention to calloused areas like your elbows and dry bits like your knees. These parts are known to soak up excess product, which can make them turn out darker than the rest of your body. Apply like an artist The goal is for natural looking color, and the best way to achieve this is to use long, even strokes, distributing a consistent amount of product to each section. To prevent stained hands, either wear plastic gloves or simply give them a good wash right after you finish. Dry down Self tanner does require some drying time so if you have to put something on, make sure it’s loose fitting and dark to prevent dirtying your clothes. Correct and extend If you notice streaks or uneven spots upon inspection, it’s never too late to erase. To fade the offending area, take a wedge of lemon and rub it on your skin (the acid will break down the tanner). Once you’ve perfected your glow, maintain the radiance with moisturizer. Daily application will keep skin in tip-top shape so you’ll be golden for days. Have you had any self-tanning mishaps that we can all learn from?  


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