Lip gloss — it’s the very first makeup product you smothered on your face as a little girl, and even though you’re all grown up now, we bet that you still have one rolling around the bottom of your purse. And yes, your daily swipe of gloss may have evolved past the classic and fruity-flavored Lip Smackers, but your shiny-lip-wearing days are far from over. In fact, they’ll never be over because gloss is a gal’s best friend. Especially when it comes to this one! Introducing the new addition to your lippie family — Giorgio Armani Ecstasy Lacquer. Here’s why this lacquer needs to be added to your makeup bag, like, TODAY.

Lip Gloss

Why We Love It

Maximum Shine: And we mean far beyond your typical gloss. Ecstasy Lacquer includes Armani Liquid Vinyl Technology, the highest concentration of water-soluble pigments for the most intense color payoff and shine! 

Long-Wear Results: Because it’s a gloss that holds like a stain, you don’t have to worry about touching up every few minutes (or after you’ve devoured those donuts for breakfast).

Ultra Hydrating: The formula is enriched with glycerin for long-lasting hydration. Who needs plain ol’ lip balm when you can keep your pout hydrated while rocking a statement lip?!

Ideal for Layering: You can achieve a pop of color with a single swipe or go BOLD and layer it on over your lipstick!

18 Shades: From bright pinks and rich berries to classic red, your options are (just about) endless. Farewell, clear lip gloss … You’ve been replaced!

Check out the new Ecstasy Lacquer Collection! 

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