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As if there weren’t already a thousand and one things to worry about before your big day, a glowing complexion has made its way onto your to-do list. Do not panic! We know just how to get your skin in top-notch shape before you walk down the aisle. And because all eyes are going to be on you, we asked skincare expert Stacy Cox to enlighten us with some tips on how to get “the glow!”

Glowing Skin

What to Consider
Like picking a venue or floral arrangements, there are a few key things to consider on your journey to glowing skin — like how much time is on your side and what your financial restrictions are. “Schedule what your budget and calendar can handle,” says Cox. “The wisest thing to do is figure out a plan of action well before your big day. In an ideal world, you’d have the luxury of time and you’d start a year out.”

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But a strict routine is not for the faint of heart! Cox says that you must stick to the plan and commit to being consistent morning and night … and beyond. “Your wrinkles will thank you,” says Cox.

How (& When) to Start Prepping

Facials: Cox suggests getting hour-long facials, spacing them out every 30 days. “My advice is to get one a month, starting one year leading up to your nuptials. Not only is it healthy and conditioning for your skin, it's a great treat to have each month, especially as the stress surrounding wedding planning amplifies,” she says. But she warns that if you don’t get facials regularly, don’t take any big risks too close to the wedding, in the event that you have an unexpected reaction to a treatment.

Peels: Again, just to be on the safe side, Cox does not recommend getting a new or high-risk treatment the week before or week leading up to the big day. “But, if you are dealing with acne scars talk to your esthetician or dermatologist about a series of chemical peels. Peels are a great way to rapidly shed old, dry skin and can leave your complexion looking bright and renewed,” she says.  “The latest I would wait to get a peel before a wedding is three weeks out in case you have a negative reaction and need time to heal and regroup.”

Exfoliating: Cox explains that a routine that involves exfoliation is fully dependent on your skin type and how tolerant your complexion is to different types of manual and chemical exfoliation. “If you're using a granulated scrub think one-to-two times weekly and follow it up with a mask (gel/creamy for dry skin and clay-based/oil-absorbing for oily/combo skin types),” she says.  “Chemical exfoliations can be more intense, and may result in two-to-three days worth of peeling. Think of doing these every six-to-eight weeks leading up to the wedding.”

The Bridal Skin Plan
Cox breaks it all down for us. Here’s the routine she suggests you follow to prep your skin for the big day!

  • Get professional facials every month, or do bi-weekly or monthly facials at home (cleanse, steam under the shower, exfoliate, mask and moisturize).
  • Have a bedside beauty kit on the nightstand if you get too tired to head to the bathroom after a long day. Keep cleansing wipes, toning spray and a good serum that can also serve as an eye treatment.
  • After every third facial or so, consider upping the ante and getting a chemical peel from your esthetician or dermatologist to take your glow to the next level.
  • The night before you say “I do”, apply a mask you know works well with your body chemistry for 20 to 30 minutes, so your makeup will go on smooth the day of.

Need some skincare tips and tutorials for the everyday? We’ve got you covered.

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