Diana Crisan Jan 16, 2016

It seems like only yesterday we were happily plucking away at our brows, trying to achieve the trendy slim arch of yesteryear. Little did we know that the full, bold and almost-unruly brow look would one day rule the world.  And now, we find ourselves cursing our tweezers, as the struggle for a more natural brow look is so, so real. Whether you are going through the grueling process of growing them back in, or you were just born with barely-there brows, your stance on this trend isn’t exactly one of elation. We get it, and you’re not feeling these feels alone. So, raise your hand if any of these ring true … *raises hand*

Thin Brow Struggles

1. “Filling in your brows” is more like strategically drawing on your skin.  

2. You’ve considered getting permanent brow tattoos, only to be scarred for life by some of the search results …

3. There’s no such thing as a last-minute GNO. Once you’ve washed your eyebrows off, you’re not leaving the house.

4. Pencil. Gel. Marker. Wax. Powder. Even stencils. You’ve literally tried (and own) them all.

5. And speaking of owning every brow concoction, you’ve also tried every hair growth oil and serum ranging from over-the-counter solutions to prescription formulas, not to mention those odd tricks Grandma swears by.

6. Like any glass-half-full girl, you choose to look on the bright side (despite the afore-mentioned grievances). At least you’re not shelling out cash for regular wax appointments … right?

But hey, trends come and go. And even if this one never seems to leave the spotlight, you know we’ve always got you covered:

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