BeautyStreams Oct 14, 2013
goth beauty Darkness has a fresh appeal, as a new generation of “forcefully feminine” and ethereal women are materializing. Granted, their roots are with Goths who gained major momentum in the 80’s, but there’s a new take in town. It all got started in England around “Gothic rock” with bands such as Joy Division, The Cure and Bauhaus. These days, designers are mining the years of their youth and recasting them in their own modern light. In fall’s collections, look for references to Winona Ryder’s ‘gloomy cool’ style in the 1988 Tim Burton cult classic film “Beetlejuice.” Ever glamorous, dark, smoldering eyes and nude lips haunt the runways at Donna Karan. It’s a look easily adapted to the street – use warm brown tones to create the smoky eye effect and pair with light pink lipstick for balance. For hair, ponytails are a must. Soften this season’s harsh dominatrix ponytails with a casual, low-slung, side ponytail – and it’s a look that works great for daytime, not just for those moody, gothic nights. Will you be going goth this season (even if only for a night)? Here's how to get the look by Lee C. Wallick, Beautystreams Runway Editor Photo: GoRunway


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