Kristen Oldham Sep 18, 2012

When Fashcin blogger, Cindy Alda, spied a gradient polka-dot manicure on Instagram, she decided she was up for the challenge of making it her own. Here's how she interpreted the look. What you need: How to get it: Step 1: Apply the base coat and follow that with two coats of the white nail polish. Step 2: Apply a layer of the top coat and wait 10 minutes. Step 3: Drip a generous amount of each colored polish onto a piece of aluminum foil. Step 4: Using the smallest dotting tool, pick up the pinkish-coral polish and create three rows of dots starting at the base of each nail. The dots closest to your cuticle should be the smallest. Tip: "Alternating the size of the dots helps you achieve more of a gradient effect," Alda says. Step 5: Using the medium-sized dotting tool, apply two rows of fuchsia polish. Step 6: Complete the ombré effect by using your largest dotting tool to create two rows of burgundy dots. Step 7: Let the dots dry for about 10 minutes before applying your top coat. Will you try this polka-dot manicure?

Photo: Courtesy of Cindy Alda



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