We showed you how to create the dotted cat eye, followed by a reverse cat eye, which turned the bold cat eye upside down. Now we’re bringing you a winged eyeliner look that involves not one, but two wings. With the right liquid liner, the options are endless.


Learn how to create yet another unrelentingly cool eyeliner look with this three-step makeup tutorial.


Graphic Eyeliner


Step 1. Draw a Bold Cat Eye

Using a liquid eyeliner for definition, draw a bold cat eye along your upper lid and extend the wing upward and out.


Step 2. Create a Wing Along Your Bottom Lash Line

Using the same eyeliner, draw a second wing on the outer corner of your lower lash line. Keep Q-tips Precision cotton swabs and eye makeup remover on hand for wiping away any smudges.


Step 3. Apply Mascara

Add black mascara, and voilà, you’re winging it in style!





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