Diana Crisan Sep 10, 2015

So, you found a gray hair … or a dozen. What’s the big deal? Grays ain’t nothin’ but a number color! Embrace them, cover them, enhance them or just part your hair differently — it’s not the end of the world! Here’s why you shouldn’t freak out when you see a silvery strand.

Gray Hair

1. You basically have a head full of all-natural, non-chemical highlights — without the $250 price tag.

2. People are purposefully dying their hair shades of gray right now. That means you’re, like, so fetch.  

3. What’s that saying? With age comes wisdom …

4.  You’re officially a silver fox. Go ahead and put that on your business card!

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Just look at them as strands of glitter. And everyone loves glitter. Seriously, everyone.  

6. There’s literally a million ways to cover them up, if that’s your angle. So, DO. NOT. PANIC.

Aging gracefully is a thing (just ask J-Lo), so grab some purple shampoo and let those silver strands fly free. Think about how much you’ll be saving on covering them up every month. Mo’ money means mo’ vacations.

Gray is real. It means you’re human … and being human is pretty darn great!

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