Milk, check. Honey, check. Oatmeal, check.

No, this isn’t a shopping list for your typical, healthy morning meal—as that’s more likely to involve a bacon breakfast burrito. It’s a checklist of beauty finds that come straight from the grocery aisle! And while nothing can truly replace our collagen essence sheet masks and escargot-infused face creams, some good ol’ rolled oats can do the body good. Plus you’ll need them for a morning parfait anyway.

You’d be surprised by how many of your brunch items double as beauty finds! Ok, get your shopping cart ready ...


Surprising Beauty Finds at Grocery Store


1. Green Tea

Shop: The Body Shop Green Tea Collection

Tea time anyone? From soothing sunburn and moisturizing skin to reducing dark circles, green tea can do it all. It doesn’t just stop with your facial region either, rinsing hair with green tea is also known to boost brassy, dull strands and refresh your color. Allow the tea to cool overnight and rinse your freshly-shampooed hair with your chilled “treatment”, leaving it in for 10 minutes. Follow with conditioner and say hello to your new silky strands.


2. Cucumbers

Shop: Kiehl’s Cucumber Herbal Toner

Chill. No, not you, the cucumber. Used in various skincare products like toners, soothing astringents and moisturizers, cucumber slices a perfect for when you wake up with puffy eyes thanks to those long days at the office, as they’re known to reduce swelling due their water consistency (about 96%!) and cooling effects.


3. Sea Salt

Shop: The Body Shop Dead Sea Salt Scrub

A pinch of salt is no longer just limited to cooking! Sea salt is laden with minerals such as magnesium, calcium, and potassium, all of which can create balance and hydration for dry, blotchy or dull skin. When mixed with olive or coconut oil, salt can also be used as a natural exfoliant to slough away dead skin. Pass the salt, please!


4. Milk

Shop: Biotherm Lait Corporel Body Milk

Not just for your side of chocolate chip cookies, milk has calming properties and can soothe razor burn and dry, itchy skin because of its enzymes, proteins, mineral and vitamin content. Just pour some on wash cloth (or into your bath!) and soak your stress away.

5. Mint

Shop: Garnier The Refreshing Remover Cleansing Towelettes

Bad breath? Chew on some mint leaves. DIY a face mask and mix with honey for fresh and oil-free skin. Soak your feet in mint juice to banish the stink! Infuse your water with mint leaves to get yourself drinking the recommended amount. Just keep a few sprigs in your fridge any time you’re in need of a good refresher.

6. Coconut Oil

Shop: The Body Shop Coconut Beautifying Oil

Since coconut is pretty much the trendiest of oils right now, this find isn’t super shocking. But with its numerous skin-loving qualities, we couldn’t help but add it to the list. Not only can it remove stubborn makeup in a swipe, but it can also be swapped in for your body moisturizer, used as shaving cream, a lip, hand, cuticle and body balm, a deep-conditioning hair treatment, night cream...we could go on and on, but there are more items to get to!

7. Oatmeal

Shop: Kiehl’s Deluxe Hand & Body Lotion with Aloe Vera & Oatmeal

Some goes in a bowl with blueberries, the rest can go on your face or in the tub for dry skin relief. And we don’t mean the Trader Joe’s Maple & Brown Syrup Instant Oatmeal, unfortunately.

8. Manuka Honey

Shop: The Body Shop Spa Wisdom Honey & Beeswax Hand & Foot Butter

With natural, anti-bacterial properties, this stuff belongs on your bathroom shelf as much as it does in your kitchen cabinet. It works wonders on blemishes because of its anti-inflammatory qualities and as a natural humectant, honey also draws moisture into your skin for the ultimate dose of hydration!


Are there any grocery store beauty finds you swear by? Share your shopping list secret below! 

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