Julia Coney is on a journey to uncover women's beauty secrets from around the world. For this edition of the series, she chats with a friend from Argentina on the grooming rituals of local women.  Argentina is one of my favorite places in the world. I have been a few times now. The more I visit, the more I have an insatiable itch to return. The country may be known for its sultry tango, first-class beef and notable malbec wine, but the women who live here are known for their looks. “Women in this country are incredibly aware of their looks," says my Argentinian friend, Sol Garcia. "A lot of women here live for their beauty.” Here Garcia gives me a few insights and tips on getting that Argentine appeal. Makeup Mantra: All Done Up "More is more in Argentina," says Garcia, who explains that most women prefer to be done up from head to toe, especially in the evenings. “Minimalism is not our strong suit! We love to play dress-up." They also love to use American beauty brands, including L'Oréal Paris, Avon, Clinique and YSL. When it comes to eye makeup, Argentine women prefer all-in-one palettes that are both highly pigmented and long-lasting. To get eyes that sizzle stronger than the tango, we suggest YSL Pure Chromatics Wet and Dry Eye Shadow in No10. Beauty Buster: Body Hair "Argentine women are traumatized by body hair, so we consume a lot of hair removal products, from wax and razors to different treatments for lasting effects," Garcia says. Argentinians typically prefer to achieve and maintain a hairless body in the comfort of their own homes, turning to products like those offered by Nair. But Garcia explains that there are also numerous shops, especially all over Buenos Aires, whose sole purpose is hair removal. "It's our country's obsession," she says. Facial Focus: Luminous Skin Garcia says the preferred complexion of choice for Argentinian women is one that "looks healthy and glows." "We embrace shine," she says. Local women may put forth a natural appearance, but they actively seek the behind-the-scenes upkeep—especially stocking up on anti-aging treatments that lift, firm and tighten the face. "We don't want our skin to sag," Garcia says. One staple women turn to is Dead Sea Premier Cosmetics BIOX creams, including the Intensive Age Treatment Cream. Another popular option? L’Oréal Paris Youth Code Serum Intense, which staves off wrinkles and makes the face look rested and youthfully radiant. The Crucial Cosmetic: A Bold Pout The strong lip is the pièce de résistance in this South American country. "We have always been into color—the brighter the better," Garcia says. "Rarely will you see the nude lip trend here.” For full-coverage color that feels as weightless as it does hydrating, try Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro, which looks like an intense stain but is packaged with the no-fuss convenience of a gloss. Hair Rules Maintaining your hair color and length is of the most importance to the Argentine woman. From a young age, the color and length of your hair is seen as an enhancement to your beauty. “Argentina is all about long, brunette hair," Garcia says. "If you wear short hair in places like Mendoza, people will stare at you." At the first sign of a gray hair, Argentinians make it their aim to never see a second strand again. Biferdil hair color is the typical product of choice in Argentina. Here in the States, Garnier Nutrisse Ultra-Color is a great option for coloring strands at home. The easy hair color is specifically designed to transform a dark mane into ultra-reflective shades in a single step, as it conditions from roots to tips.

Photo: Sol Garcia (courtesy of Garcia); landscape (Thinkstock); products (courtesy of the brands)

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