Jessica Hagy Aug 9, 2013
When it comes to beauty trends, MDC likes to employ a “try it all, but stick to what works best for you,” policy. We never shy from walking around the offices with two-tone lips or fuchsia cheeks, and sometimes our beauty bravery and experimentation ends with us looking a little bit crazy (so it’s not normal to have swipes of lipstick shades on your hand at all times?!). While we ultimately think you should wear what makes you feel most confident, sometimes we’re curious what impression our aesthetic choices can give off. So, just for kicks, we decided to choose three very different beauty trends, and gather the unfiltered opinions of both sexes.

Bold Lips

bold lipstick He Said: “Love the lipstick--beautiful. I expect she would be confident.” –Sonny, D., 26 “I wouldn’t mind it for a specific setting, like if she was going out and wearing a tight dress, but not for a chill bar on a Thursday night. She seems fun, she is not afraid to be who she is, and she has style.” –Ryan C., 27 “I would think she is younger:  she likes nightlife and she likes to go out. I like it. It looks like she is wearing a decent amount of makeup so it might not be appropriate all the time.” –Matt B., 30 She Said: She’s pretty sassy but a minimalist” –Rory M., 25 She looks like a wild lion on a safari—fierce, diva, sassy. I would wear this, it looks confident and bold.” –Evelyn P., 28 I think I am wearing the same shade of lipstick! It’s bold, loud and edgy.” –Danielle P., 26  

Natural Beauty

natural makeup He Said: “She is natural, not afraid to let her hair down. She loves her parents, she’s probably funny. I see her on a tire swing in Alabama, like Jenny from ‘Forrest Gump,’ grown up.” –Ryan C., 27 I would say she is pretty but too plain—she needs color. I like natural but not too natural.” –Sonny D., 26 “I like it. I prefer less makeup, less drama… it’s better that way.” –Steve P., 27 She Said:  “She doesn’t seem to be wearing a lot of makeup but she looks good—she doesn’t look tired. I’d describe it as classic, natural, simple. I wear this look every day.” –Thea C., 25 A nice glow, very minimal, I like it on her but I wouldn’t wear this look, it’s too minimal for me.” –Evelyn P., 28 “I think she looks beautiful, but it’s not a look I would wear. She looks like she would be an earthy, type.” –Danielle P., 26  

Dramatic Eyes

smoky eye makeup He Said: “The eye makeup is intimidating. I would say she is tough, rough edged kind of person.” –Sonny D., 26 “Too much eye makeup takes away from how beautiful her blue eyes are. I like the lipstick because it’s reserved.” –Ryan C., 27 “This reminds me of ‘Black Swan’.” –Matt B., 30 She Said: “I feel like she would probably be into fashion, into trends, fun. I would wear this look, going out.” –Thea C., 25 “This girl is like dominatrix, look-at-me, super high maintenance.” –Rory M., 25 “This look is sophisticated, put together—she seems professional and adult. I would wear this on special occasions.” –Jersey B., 25 And there you have it, straight from the streets of NYC. Did any of these opinions surprise you? Let us know in the comments. Photos: Thinkstock


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