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Poor guys. We girls put them through a lot. We kiss them with brightly colored lips, make them keep us company during our bi-weekly mani/pedi, and we put them through the “waiting game.” Not sure to what we’re to referring on that last one? We’re talking about those times we have our men sitting on the couch as we finish primping for a night out. Sure, your man may say he doesn’t mind, but how does he really feel about this waiting room experience? We’re dying to know too, so we asked about 40 guys to sound off on how long they wait for their girlfriend to get ready, as well as their tips on how to speed up the process. Check out our top 10 best responses! (By the way, we’re keeping these anonymous to protect these guys from the dreaded “dog house.”)

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MDC Asked: How Long Do You Wait For Your Girl to Get Ready?

1. “I usually just say we have to be somewhere before we actually need to be there, so when she's making us late, she's actually on time.”

2. “It's mind-numbing, but I know better than to complain. I usually just fire up a sports app like Bleacher Report."

3. “To be totally honest, most of the time she's the one waiting for me, and she'll occasionally help speed me up by getting my things together, straightening up, etc.”

4. “I'm ready a solid hour before my girlfriend is. It's usually her hair and makeup that take up the most time. I don't try to speed up the process because it’s a lost cause. I'll usually start to pace back and forth near her makeup area, mention stuff about how people are already at the place we’re headed for or tell her our cab is here. Most of the time, though, I just sit on the couch and drink beer as I know, ‘I'll be ready in 5 minutes’ is her way of telling me to do just that.”

5. “She's usually ready before I am, actually! Typical holdup for her (if there is one) is multiple outfit changes. To speed up the process, I try some form of mock anger (eg. ‘Ugh,’ ‘Are You DONE yet?,’ etc.).”

6. “I don't wait in the traditional sense, anymore. I don't even start getting dressed until she's in her makeup phase. She showers, does her hair, decides what she's going to wear, breaks out the iron, gets dressed and makeup usually comes last. This is when I know it's time to put on my pants. This is the only way to fly, in my opinion. Otherwise, I'm sitting there proverbially ‘all dressed up with nowhere to go’ for like 45 minutes. Don't think of it as waiting — think of it as relaxing.”

7. “Decades. I want her to look her best. And I tend to date high-maintenance girls. Thank God for my iPhone.”

8. “It is annoying as heck and I notice little to no difference in how she looks by the time she is done. I tell her to hurry up, and we basically just argue through the whole process and it ruins our night.”

9. “I’ve definitely been kept waiting a long time. Sometimes, it almost seems like it's on purpose, like it’s a price of admission (for the date... not, well... anyway). I want to say hair is the main holdup, but as soon as it's done the makeup comes out and then the whole outfit gets second-guessed. I usually just keep reminding her how great she looks and how the movie is starting soon.”

10. “In a lot of ways, I'm still waiting.”

How long does your beauty routine keep your guys waiting? ‘Fess up in the comments below!

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