The gym is probably the last place you should be piling on the makeup. With the high-energy cardio classes and heavy weightlifting, the sweat-producing elements are clearly working against us. Even still, rather than part with our favorite lipstick or staple mascara many of us are sticklers about getting dolled-up for the gym. So why do we approach our fitness routine like we’re going to prom? Is it the hunky boot camp instructor or are we just terrified of being seen with uncurled lashes? We asked several LA-based gym-going gals to tell us their innermost secrets about pre-gym primping. From full-faced, fit and fab to the practical yet pretty, their answers might surprise you!

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“I always make sure I have my mascara on, no matter what. Without it, my eyes look tiny. Even at the gym, you want to make sure you look decent. I think makeup makes women feel more comfortable and confident.” – Jasmine

“For hair, I do the classic pony or braid — they’re cute, while still being practical and athletic. For makeup, I’ll wear tinted moisturizer and sometimes my fake eyelashes (they’re the best “makeup”!). I’m motivated to look cute when I see other women around me making an effort. To be honest, I get a better workout when I know look good!” – Tuanh

“When I was younger I never went to the gym without eyeliner and mascara. I felt naked without them. Even if I woke up early to workout, I'd still throw on some makeup. Staring at yourself in the gym mirror for an hour when you think you look awful is no fun!” – Erin

“I like to create the illusion of a no-makeup look when I go to the gym, so I’ll throw on a little BB cream, mascara and gloss. I also like my hair to be on point, so I’ll throw it in a sleek top-knot or braided style. In the end, I wind up spending about 15-20 minutes on my ‘au naturale’ look!” – Angela

“Sometimes I just leave my day's makeup on because I go right after work (this is bad, I know). But when I have time, I wash it all off beforehand because I like to let my skin breathe!” – Jessica

“I'm a sweater. Like, not normal sweat-at-the-gym, I pour sweat (so attractive). So this is basically the only time I whip out my waterproof mascara. That's all I wear because otherwise everything melts off.” Abbey

What’s your pre-gym primping routine like? Fess up in the comments below.

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