5 Twist Out Tutorials That Are Beyond Easy to Copy

May 06, 2021
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When done correctly, the twist out, a natural hair technique, gives you the defined, luscious curls and volume you desire. On the other hand, a bad twist out is akin to a melted ice cream cone — it can result in a shapeless, frizzy look. The key to nailing a perfect twist out is up for debate, but there are a few beauty influencers who have got the technique down and will help you get there, too. Read on for five tutorials to check out if you want to get schooled in the twist out. 

How to Get a Sleek Finish

Melanin Haircare co-founder Whitney White’s channel is a must-follow, especially if you have type 4 hair. In this video, she’s sharing all of her twist-out secrets for achieving a sleek finish. 

How to Maintain a Three-Strand Twist 

Influencer @theesperanzamaria calls the twist out her go-to style. In this video, she not only shares the technique she’s perfected (which involves creating very small sections) but also how to maintain it throughout the week. 

How to Avoid a Bushy Twist Out

In this video, vlogger Daye La Soul shares the key to getting her perfect two-strand twist out: a twisting motion. Watch her create a volumized, defined two-strand twist out on first-day hair — it looks so easy you’ll be convinced that you can do it, too.

How to Combat Dryness

This two-phase twist out by vlogger @trophdoph is perfect for anyone with medium-length hair who experiences a lot of shrinkage. She starts by stretching her hair the night before and then twists it out on slightly damp hair the day after. Try this method for incredibly volumized and defined hair.

How to Do a Twist Out on Short Hair

For babes with short 4C hair, let this tutorial by @kbmaria be your guide. This flat twist out results in a cute, defined ’fro.

Photo: @theesperanzamaria

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