5 Genius Hair Hacks We Learned on TikTok

June 29, 2020
Sarah Ferguson
By: Sarah Ferguson | Makeup.com by L'Oréal

We live for a good beauty hack, and if you do, too, you better be on TikTok. Once you look beyond the dance, prank and dubbing videos, you’ll find a treasure trove of beauty tips and tricks just waiting to go viral. Recently, we shared pore-minimizing and lip gloss hacks we’ve learned from the app, and today, we’re focusing on hair. From a no-heat curling tutorial to the secret to using dry shampoo the right way, these are the best hair hacks we’ve found on TikTok.

Hair Hack #1: Use a Belt From a Robe to Create Perfect Curls

In this video, @Bacardibri123 placed the belt over her head like a headband and wrapped sections of hair around it on either side before bed. She untwisted her hair from the fabric in the morning and revealed the type of gorgeous waves we thought were only possible from a curling iron. 

Hair Hack #2: Fake a Long and Full High Pony With Two Ponytails

Ever wonder how some people can achieve such a thick ponytail? Here’s the secret: Create two of them! Here, @kripapateljoshi pulls the top half of her hair back into a high ponytail and then creates a second one underneath it with the hair left over. Watch the full video to learn how she combines the two to achieve one enviable pony. 

Hair Hack #3: Create a High Puff on Natural Hair With a Pair of Tights

TikTok user @healthyafrohair cut off the leg of a pair of tights to create a stretchy hair band. She then placed the material at the back of her head, tied it the front and then again in the back. Once the ends were secured, she gently pushed the band upwards until she was happy with the placement of the puff. She finished by tucking the ends and voilà ! 

Hair Hack #4: Create an Intricate Updo From Two Twisted Pigtails 

TikTok user @laineymariebeauty proved that you can totally create elegant updos on yourself at home. To achieve an intricate-looking braided bun, she started by creating pigtails at the back center of her head. She then took two sections from each ponytail and twisted them, securing them with an elastic. Next, she placed the end of each twist into the elastics at the base of the pigtails, creating two twisted loops. Finally, she pulled one loop through the other and added pins to secure. 

Hair Hack #5: Let Your Dry Shampoo Sit for Five to Ten Minutes on Your Hair Before Brushing for Best Results

After watching this video from @corascamera, we realized that we had been applying dry shampoo all wrong. She recommends spraying it into the roots generously and then leaving it on for five or ten minutes. Seriously, just walk away and let the product work it’s magic. Once it sits — and only then! — you can rub it in and brush it through. The result is voluminous, clean-feeling hair. 

Photo:  @Bacardibri123