Editor Note: Despite being seasoned beauty veterans, even the best of us can be at a loss for words when sitting in our stylist’s chair. Unfortunately, not communicating the right things can not only lead to a poor experience, but (horror!) a bad haircut. To ensure that we never have a cutting mishap again, we asked Warren Tricomi stylist Zachary Rej Morad to give us the essential questions you should always ask. 

haircut tips Getting your hair cut can be a very intimidating situation; 9 times out of 10 when someone sits in my chair for the first time she usually opens with a story about an awful past experience. To avoid any confusion (or disappointment) after the cut, it’s important to ask these questions beforehand to create an understandable dialogue for both you and your stylist.

1. Where will my style fall?
When talking about the length of your hair, you want to ask where the perimeter will fall once it’s dry and styled. As your stylist, if we discuss taking two inches off of the length, it may seem like more once I have styled it.

2. Will I have to style it every day?
A lot of times, someone will come in and want a look that may actually take a lot of time to style depending on the individual’s hair. It's important to ask this question because many prefer a "wash and wear" cut that makes their morning routines easier. You should always choose a haircut that works best for your lifestyle.

3. Will I be able to pull it back?
One common mistake is deciding to cut your hair so short that you aren't able to pull it back into a ponytail. When discussing a new cut with your stylist you should always mention if you want to be able to pull it back because that instantly rules out a lot of super short styles and leaves little room for miscommunication.

4. What will the maintenance be like?
The fact is: some haircuts require more upkeep then others, so when you’re in the chair you want to ask how often you are going to have to return. I have some clients that are only able to come in every few months. As their stylist it's important that I create a look for them that’s going to support itself for that amount of time.

5. Should I wait?
When trying something new or switching stylists it’s best to be patient. In some situations, it's necessary to give your hair time to grow before changing the cut, thus giving your stylist a clean slate. Ask your stylist if the look you want is achievable with what you already have or if you should let it grow for a little while first.

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