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Haircuts have a lot of power. They carry our hair hopes and dreams in one little pair of scissors. Cuts have the ability to make our self-esteem soar like no other or plummet to the depths of despair. The thing is, we all walk a fine line when it comes to cutting our manes, especially if we’re going for styles that just don’t work for our hair type. Unfortunately, what works for your curly haired bestie won’t necessarily be a match for your fine, feathery locks. We want you to live the rest of your life without the pain and hardship of a terrible haircut, so we created a guide of the cuts that will work best for your specific hair type. Let the cutting begin.
Haircuts for Every Hair Type

For Thick Hair …

While many are on a constant quest for thicker, fuller locks, those who were born with lots of hair to spare find it can be limiting when it comes to haircuts. Thick hair can fall heavy and often look lifeless if not cut and styled correctly. Try a chic (and very on-trend) bob next time you hit the salon. While a blunt cut might seem like a major no-no for your full strands, there are ways to make it work, really work. Layer the cut from within using texturizing shears to give the look dimension and take off some weight. If you’re not into this short and chic trend, no worries! This isn’t the only option for you! Check out more haircuts that will work with your full manes here.

For Fine, Thin Hair …

If you’ve purchased every thickening product known to man and have worn out your brush with all the teasing you do to your feathery fine hair, it’s time for new haircut. A good cut could make your thin, fine locks a lot more manageable and appear more full and luscious. You know what they say — “Fake it ’til you make it!” Try a medium-length cut (just past your shoulders) with some blunt layers added all around to add some fullness. For some added sass, throw in some wispy, side-swept bangs and you’ll be strutting your stuff like no other. For more fine-hair-friendly haircuts, check out this must-read article.

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For Curly Hair …

Your curly haired ladies know that ringlets aren’t always the luscious perfect waves that everyone seems to believe them to be. In fact, curls can present more than a few problems, especially if not cut and styled correctly. But, don’t you worry, you aren’t restricted to a life of one solitary haircut. No, you have options and lots of avenues you can take with those curls. In fact, you can even get a little daring with your ’do! Get wild and try a pixie cut to shape and flatter those curls. This may seem like an unlikely move for wavy hair, but it actually looks amazing (think Halle Berry and Vanessa Hudgens). Just make sure the style is longer up top to show off texture and to give you more styling options. If you need more haircut inspo for your curly mane, check this out.

Now that you’ve got all this haircut knowledge, it’s time to move on to other hair business. Check out these hair tips and tutorials!

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