Zachary Morad Dec 18, 2013

Curly hair is often a subject of envy for those of us who were not blessed with mane of corkscrews and kinks. However for those who do possess this coveted feature it is typically a journey of trial and error to discover what works best for her own unique style and level of texture. Curly hair can be somewhat confining due to the anxiety of a bad haircut—most curly haired women will understand what I am talking about! Well, I think that its time to become a little more adventurous and see the opportunity to indulge in something unique and stylish that will be a breeze to maintain. I recently had this experience with a client who was afraid to leave what “worked” for something new because of the possibility it could go wrong. It didn’t. Below I have picked 3 of my favorite unique shapes and cuts that would easily work for anyone who has the beautiful texture to support it.

haircuts for curly hair

1. Shaggy Layers
One of my favorite cuts for Curly girls is to give them shaggy layers. Cutting shorter layers framing the face and crown of the head will create height and volume around the face while leading down to a more tapered end enabling you to maintain the length. Using a combination of leave in conditioner (my favorite is It's A Ten Miracle Leave-in) and a light mousse will leave your curls bouncy and touchably soft.

2. The Bob

The BOB!!! In my opinion one of the chicest looks you can choose is a bob. With so many variations on this classic cut, getting this short cropped cut can give you a fresh look and the option to play with volume and texture.

3. Fringe

Cutting a fringe on curly hair is a world rarely explored but can be a great way to give your current cut a boost. Modern and edgy this look has been seen on the red carpet by celebrities such as Beyonce and Rihanna. Define the curls around your face by rubbing some Bed Head Manipulator pomade on the palm of your hands and scrunching your curls. Finish with a light hold hairspray and you're ready to rock and roll.

With curly hair there are so many options. Have fun, take risks and for more great curly styles, check me out on Pinterest @zacharyyrej!

Curly haired gals, would you consider any of these looks?


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